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15% Off Uresta Bladder Support Starter Kit with code: STACIE-15%

Is unwanted pee holding you back from workouts? 50% of women after the age of 30 experience bladder leakage during exercise. Pelvic floor physiotherapy is recommended but takes time and and in some cases, is just not enough during exercise. Uresta can compliment pelvic floor physiotherapy and help prevent pelvic organ prolapse by offering immediate support to keep you leak-free.

What’s included: The Uresta starter kit includes three different sizes and a discrete carrying case. The sizes included are the three most common and fit 80% of women. If you need a size larger or a size smaller, you can contact them and they'll send it to you at no charge. Note that size has nothing to do with height or weight.

Wahoo! Covered by most Canadian insurers including HSA/ FSA.

For first time users, you will need the Starter Kit *Use Code: STACIE-15% at checkout.


10% off Strongband Scrunchie by Hairstrong with code: STACIEM10

THE WORLD'S FIRST adjustable scrunchie

Made for high-impact women.

No more slipping. No more adjusting.

Find the one that works for you: for thin/delicate hair, medium or thick hair. Comes in different colours.

Use code: STACIEM10 at checkout.

$15.99, $19.99 or $23.99

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