Beginner fitness program

One-Time Fee of $99 then 25% off for Returning Members!
Are you tired of workout programs that expect you to work out every single day of the week? Programs that don't include a proper warm up and cool down? This program:  
  • is made specifically for people who are new to working out, haven't in a while or just need some motivation 

  • offers gradual, optional progressions

  • includes a warm up and cool down specific to each workout day

  • has workouts that range from 25-40 min. (including warm up and cool down) that can done at a time that's convenient for you

  • allows for muscle recovery/repair so you don't overtrain 

  • includes nutritional guidance and an introductory virtual group chat with me 

  • a group forum where you can chat with other members 

  • includes a workout calendar/schedule as well as a progress tracker to keep track of repetitions, weights (if used), etc. 

  • no equipment necessary