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NEW! On-Demand Workout Library:

Choose from a variety of workouts specifically designed to be done at home, for all levels (modifications and progressions offered) with none or minimal equipment. All workouts include a warm up and cool down suited to the particular workout.

*The best part is, you can do these whenever works best for you!*

What's Included in your Workout Program

Are you tired of workout programs that expect you to work out every single day of the week? Programs that don't include a proper warm up and cool down? Both programs:  

  • offer gradual, optional progressions

  • include a warm up and cool down specific to each workout day

  • have workouts that range from 25-40 min. (including warm up and cool down) that can done at a time that's convenient for you

  • allow for muscle recovery/repair so you don't overtrain 

  • include nutritional guidance and resources

  • have a group forum where you can chat with other members 

  • include a workout calendar/schedule as well as a progress tracker to keep track of repetitions, weights (if used), etc. 

  • are no equipment necessary (with options for added resistance)

  • include an introductory (optional) virtual meet with Stacie and your team 

  • include 5 different types of workouts per week to keep things interesting, challenging and to ensure you're getting a mix of cardio, strength and flexibility training.


  • What is the difference between Beginner Firm & Fit and Build & Burn? BFF is made specifically for people who are new to working out, haven't in a while or just need some motivation while B&B is for those more familiar with exercising and ready for more indepth, challenging workouts that break down lower and upper body to really target those muscle groups. Both programs include 5 different types of workouts per week. As well, both offer modifications to accomodate those with special challenges as well as weekly progressions for those who are ready.  

  • What happens if I miss a workout? We all get busy or have days where it's just better to listen to our body and not overdo it.  For this reason, there are 2 rest days scheduled for each week which can also be used as catch-up days.  

  • What if there's a day or two that just don't work for me? I have scheduled the workouts to start on Monday-Sunday but you can shift the start day as works for you. However, please do the workouts in the same order they've been scheduled, to allow for proper muscle repair and recovery. 

  • Is a meal plan included? I do not like meal plans as I find most too restrictive, unrealistic and unsustainable. Instead, I offer a sample meal and snack plan for ideas and to give you the tools to create new, sustainable eating habits and proper portion sizes. We also share healthy recipes within the group forum.

  • What if I can't make the introductory Zoom meet? The virtual meet is optional and is a chance for us to get to know each other and allow me to explain how the program works. I will be sure to post a summary of everything discussed on our group forum the next day for anyone who misses the meet. 

  • Can I have my camera off for the Zoom meet? Yes! Not everyone is comfortable having their camera on and I totally get that. It's up to your comfort level whether you even want to speak or not. On the flip side, I love hearing from my team and getting to know you so I encourage comments and questions.

  • What if I have a concern during the program that I don't wish to share with the group? I can be reached via the email provided at purchase for any private concerns or questions throughout the program. 

  • Can I repeat the program once I've completed it? The workout links will expire at the end of each program. However, since both programs progress, many choose to repeat the program in order to improve their skills and overall fitness. I offer 25% off to all members who wish to repeat (teams are given a discount code for each program) so that you don't have to pay full price each time. The code can be used as many times as you wish.

  • My question isn't on here, how can I reach you? Use the CONTACT ME page of this website with any remaining questions/concerns you may have. 

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